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At the beginning, in the year 1995, there was just one man, Mr. Jan Joch, who started to represented successful Switzerland company Rinco Ultrasonics in the region of Czech Republic. The main reason of this cooperation was extending ultrasonic plastic welding offer in Czech Republic and through the years in Slovakia and Hungary as well.

In the year 2002 Mr. Jan Joch became leading personage in new company Wartec s.r.o., which still represents company Rinco Ultrasonics and offers their technology of ultrasonic plastic welding but also offers high-level service in ultrasonic sphere. Company Wartec s.r.o. has 4 employees in present time, own application laboratory for testing ultrasonic welding and machine-tools department for repairing sonotrodes and fictures.

In year 2005 company Wartec s.r.o. extended its activities with starting to represent Sweden company Tekno-Detaljer AB and starting to offer their spring technology.
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